Cliniquedulac-geneva-cosmetic-center-antistress-therapy-programThe Clinique du Lac proposes a special anti-stress therapy program in a calm and relaxing setting:

  • two half-days of treatment during the first week,
  • one half-day of treatment per week over the following three weeks.

This treatment program includes:


Light needle is an energy stimulating reflex technique which uses the application of infra-red light to certain acupuncture points. It can re-establish the functional equilibrium of an organ such as the hormonal system, digestive system or the lymphatic system.

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Photomodulation can be used to treat stretch-marks, wrinkles, skin blemishes and reddening, improve complexion or stimulate hair re-growth. It can also be used to accelerate the healing of wounds, treat acne and psoriasis, vitiligo or herpes.

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Chrononutrition is a form of nutrition that is adjusted to suit each individual’s biological clock. The concept is to eat the right type and quantity of food for the time of day in keeping with one’s individual life-style.

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