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The Clinique du Lac has set itself the following missions:


> to provide quality care: A process of continuous improvement of the quality and safety of care is in place, with the involvement of all professionals. The practices are subject to regular assessments, the results of which are communicated to staff and user representatives. The necessary investments in equipment and human resources are continuously adapted to the level of activity.


> to respect the patient’s rights: Relevance of the intervention, analysis of the benefit / risk ratio are the guidelines of the doctor-patient dialogue in order to provide fair information; Good treatment, confidentiality, privacy; Commitment to transparency towards the patient.


>> to guarantee the professional independence of the practitioners who practice within it >> to enhance work and the quality of life at work and to encourage the training of all staff involved in the operation of the establishment.

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The clinic is dedicated solely to aesthetic medicine and does not receive patients, which limits the risk of healthcare-related infections (nosocomial infections) compared to general hospital establishments.

The Clinique du Lac has the latest standards in force to allow us to practice our profession in the best conditions