The Clinique du Lac has set itself the following missions:

>>   provide high quality care:

A continuous treatment and safety improvement approach involving all of our professional staff is in place. Practises are regularly evaluated, the results of which are then communicated to staff and patient representatives.

Equipment and human resource investment is constantly adjusted to suit the establishment’s activity.

>>   respect the rights of patients:

Intervention pertinence and the analysis of the benefit/risk relationship are the guiding lines of doctor-patient dialogue to ensure that useful information is communicated;

Welfare, confidentiality, privacy;

Commitment to total transparency in all dealings with patients.

>>   guarantee professional independence for all professionals who use the establishment for their practise

>>   promote a good working environment and staff-training in parallel to the operation of the establishment.


The Clinic is exclusively dedicated to cosmetic medicine and therefore does not receive sick patients thus reducing significantly the risk of nosocomial infections in comparison with general hospitals.

The Clinique du Lac complies with all of the most recent applicable standards that allow it to exercise its operations under the best possible conditions.