The principle

2nd generation PRP is a genuine medical revolution, it uses the natural attributes of blood to generate cellular rejuvenation.

A small quantity of the patient’s own blood is collected, from which the elements which can be used to activate the undifferentiated tissue cells are selected: the growth factors contained in the platelets stimulate the synthesis of collagen and the fabrication of new blood vessels.

The collected blood is centrifuged to isolate a leucocyte and platelet concentrate and plasma. These elements are then injected into the tissue to be stimulated.

The treatment is natural and presents no risk of rejection since the patient’s own blood is used.


In practice

The doctor or nurse collects 25ml of blood from the patient; it is then centrifuged for 3 minutes. After a simple procedure using a sterile kit, excluding all risk of contamination, the PRP is produced, this is a pure leucocyte platelet concentrate mixed with plasma.

Depending on the medical conditions and the desired results, 2 to 6 sessions will be organised at 2 to 6 week intervals.

No need for reclusive convalescence, the patient can resume their normal activities immediately.

The initial beneficial effects can be seen rapidly, and the structure of the skin will continue to improve over the following month.

2nd generation PRP medical conditions and its effects

  • Face, cleavage, hands:rehydration, softening and smoothing of the skin. The production of collagen increases skin-tone producing a “lifting effect”.
  • Dark circles:2nd generation PRP can fill unsightly tear troughs
  • Acne scars:these can be smoothed through a combination of 2nd generation PRP and fractioned CO2 laser or DERMAPEN treatment (see specific sections)
  • Scalp:hair becomes softer and more silky, 2nd generation PRP can stimulate regrowth
  • Stretch-marks:can be reduced through a combination of 2nd generation PRP and DERMAPEN
  • Sexuality:the stimulation of blood vessel growth and nerve cells can improve male virility, and female sexual function and labia aspect. 2nd generation PRP can also improve the potential of intimate surgery procedures (see this section).