PlexR treats excess skin

Falling fine lines and eyelids, the alternative to surgery.

The sagging, sagging eyelid is a classic phenomenon of skin aging. The skin, however, is very thin, and this excess of skin weighs heavily on the eyelid.

The eyelid closes gently and the look becomes heavy, becomes sad. Fine lines appear on the lower eyelid. This excess of skin which lowers the look can even interfere with everyday life. This problem affects both men and women.

Patients tended either to turn to surgery for blepharoplasty (surgical removal of excess skin) which remains a simple and effective procedure, or to resign themselves and live with it for fear of surgery.

New alternative: aesthetic medicine now offers a wide range of treatments to combat skin aging, recently enriched by Plex’R technology which allows eyelids to be treated without surgery.

The eyelids, upper drooping or lower wilting, can now benefit without surgery from medical blepharoplasty with PLEX’R or medical eyelid lifting.

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