Discover Light Needle treatment, an innovative treatment that provides remarkable results at a very reasonable price.


  • weight loss: adjustment of dietary behaviour
  • stopping smoking: physical dependence and mental habit
  • menopausal well-being: reduce the discomfort of menopause
  • relaxation: anti-stress

Light needle is an energy stimulating reflex technique which uses the application of infra-red light to certain acupuncture points. It can re-establish the functional equilibrium of an organ such as the hormonal system, digestive system or the lymphatic system.

The stimulation is light, painless and risk-free.

Light needle is designed to re-harmonise the organism in order to:

  • reduce compulsive eating habits
  • induce relaxation
  • fight insomnia
  • reduce cravings during detoxification

Sessions last about half an hour, treatment must begin with a check-up/consultation to establish a personalised treatment program and define the required number of sessions.


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