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The day long treatment program includes: LIGHT NEEDLE Light needle is an energy stimulating reflex...


Treat yourself to a full day of anti-ageing treatment The Clinique du Lac proposes a...

“The more a treatment aims for a holistic approach, the better the outcome will be.”

Soins Signatures by Clinique Du Lac.

Through the ‘Soins Signatures by Clinique Du Lac’, the doctors and surgeons of the clinic aim to offer you the benefit of their expertise by proposing comprehensive care programs that adhere to a holistic approach, guaranteeing maximum effectiveness in line with your expectations.

These graduated care programs are the result of reflections on the findings of the most recent clinical studies, advancements in technology, and their professional experience.

As aging and morphological dissatisfactions that burden us are multifactorial, the response must be as well, if we wish to optimize the results in an effective and lasting manner.

Our Soins Signatures

Le soin Premium

1h30 - 590CHF

Nettoyage de peau (vapeur, gommage, ultrasons)

Microneedling avec complexe vitaminé NCTF 135HA

Luminothérapie pour stimuler puissamment les processus d’autoréparation et de rajeunissement de la peau en profondeur

Le serum Skinceuticals Hydrating B5 pour rétablir l’hydratation de la peau et lui conférer un aspect éclatant.

Expert Care

2h - 790CHF

Skin cleansing (steam, exfoliation, ultrasound)

Injection of a syringe of hyaluronic acid tailored to your request

Phototherapy to powerfully stimulate the skin’s deep repair and rejuvenation processes

Skinceuticals H.A. Intensifier serum for a home care routine after the injection of a dermal filler to optimize results and minimize side effects.

Ultimate Care

2h30 - 980CHF

Skin cleansing (steam, exfoliation, ultrasound)

Microneedling with NCTF 135HA vitamin complex

Phototherapy to powerfully stimulate the skin’s deep repair and rejuvenation processes

Injection of a hyaluronic acid syringe tailored to your request

Skinceuticals’ Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 cream, its active ingredients restore the skin’s volume and density.

Tailor-made programs

Silhouette Day

Luxopuncture, a reflex technique, which stimulates your energies to restore the functional balance of an organ.

Photomodulation to treat stretch marks, wrinkles, spots, and skin redness, to improve complexion, and to stimulate hair regrowth.

IBeautyGun, an anti-aging mesotherapy treatment

Chrononutrition consultation to rebalance one’s diet and provide the body with the right food at the right time of day

Lunch break on the shores of Lake Geneva for a moment of relaxation and well-being.

Anti-Ageing Day

A free preliminary consultation is offered to you with one of our doctors. This consultation will be an opportunity to discuss your expectations, your skin type, your habits, and thus suggest the most suitable treatments for you. At the end of this consultation, you will receive a proposal with a comprehensive and personalized care program for your anti-aging day.