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Chrononutrition is a form of nutrition that is adjusted to suit each individual’s biological clock.

The concept is to eat the right type and quantity of food for the time of day and in keeping with one’s individual life-style.

This basically involves determining when a specific type of food will be most useful to the organism in order to meet its basic daily needs.

In this way a type of food can be beneficial if consumed at a certain time of day yet toxic at another time of day meaning that it will be stored by the body in an unwanted way.

Diet should not only be adjusted to suit one’s biological rhythms but also one’s life style: for example an air hostess, night-shift worker or office worker should not necessarily eat the same thing at the same time.

This method was originally developed by Doctor Alain Delabos and has been furthered through extensive research over the last twenty years. It has been medically tested and scientifically proven by the ‘Recherche En Nutrition’ institute.

Médecins Clinique du Lac

Chrononutrition and health problems

  • depending on you, developments and your questions.Chrononutrition should become part of your daily life taking the form of re-harmonisation of your diet and a new healthy living approach, essentially a new way of eating without forgetting to enjoy eating.

    This method applies to ALL, especially those wishing to control their figure and stay healthy.

    From sedentary to sports-person, from the aged to young children, from young people working unsocial hours to pensioners, etc.

    Chrononutrition can also be adjusted in terms of any health issues:

    • Instructions can be adjusted depending on diagnosed health conditions (diabetes, high blood pressure, high-cholesterol, dietary intolerances, etc.). Genetic cholesterol imbalance or diabetes can be stabilised reducing medical treatment requirements to a minimum.
    • During the initial consultation, your medical background, health conditions and their treatment, as well as any test results will be taken into consideration. A nutritional program will then be established to suit your morpho-type and lifestyle. We will then organise regular monitoring to follow the evolution of your eating habits and respond to any questions you might have.
    • The first evaluation consultation takes about 1h-1h30: this will allow us to evaluate your medical background, consult any medical test results, discuss your eating habits and establish an individualised program suited to your morphology, life-style and health condition. If you do not have a biological test report we will prescribe one.
    • The next monitoring consultations will be monthly or less frequent