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Micronutrition or nutritherapy is a discipline complementary to the modern medical approach: it aims to optimize the micronutrient status of each individual by satisfying their micronutrient needs (vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, etc.) through a diversified diet. , which can be associated, if necessary, with personalized supplementation.

Micronutrition is based on an understanding of the biochemical mechanisms of the organism: any deficit or excess in micronutrients, or any abnormality in cellular metabolism can be the cause of physiological disorders. Indeed, the body sends us information on its state of balance through various warning signs which can manifest as chronic fatigue, intestinal discomfort, overweight, allergy, disorders of immunity, problems muscular… The micronutrition consultation is then primarily concerned with the individual and their state of health, because each individual is unique, both in terms of their metabolism and their micronutrient needs.