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The Clinique du Lac

The Clinique du Lac is located in the heart of Geneva, in a new building dedicated to cosmetic medicine, 300m² that have been designed and conceived with but one thing in mind: the well-being of our patients.

Clinique du Lac Genève
Clinique du Lac Genève

A privileged environment for your clinic

The cosmetic and anti-ageing medicine clinic is located in the heart of Geneva, only a few steps from the Lac Léman and its famous fountain. The city is surrounded by the Jura and Alp mountain ranges and offers up a magnificent panorama of the Mont-Blanc and its neighbouring peaks.

The Clinique du Lac is also a plastic surgery clinic, located in Brison-Saint-Innocent an area that is favourable to Mediterranean essences, reputed for its micro-climate, just next to the spa town of Aix les Bains, a haven of peace between the lake and the purity of the Alps, in a harmonic, natural setting.