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Dental surgery: smile & teeth |

Dental surgery: smile & teeth |

You feel your teeth degrading? Don’t let it get worse and start thinking about dental plastic surgery.
Oral and dental hygiene is very important. If you neglect your teeth, consequences will be numerous
on an aesthetic and medical aspect. You want to retrieve a bright smile or simply feel great about
your mouth? The practitioners at Clinique du Lac offer you a panel of dental surgery solutions for
your needs.

  • What is dental surgery?

Also known as odontology, it includes several interventions focusing on the jaw and the teeth. Dental
plastic surgery essentially focuses on treatments that will result in giving your beautiful smile back.
Doctors at Clinique du Lac will redefine the tint of your teeth, correct their alignment or intervene on
your dentition.

  • What are the different types of interventions when it comes to dental surgery?

At Clinique du Lac, there are three domains:

Whitening of the teeth
With time, lifestyle and nutrition, you can see teeth becoming yellow, specifically the enamel. Our
practitioners can help you retrieve your smile using the whitening of the teeth. These advanced
techniques will make you gain several nuances with damaging your teeth.
– Dental implantology
Your smile lots its charm because of missing tooth/teeth? Our surgeons at Clinique du Lac can install
dental implants, prosthesis or do any kind of intervention following the dental implantology process.
– Dental surgery in general

Plastic dental surgery is a type of dental surgery. We are here to guide you at Clinique du Lac and do
all kind of dental surgeries to improve your oral comfort and bring your smile back.
For more information contact Clinique du Lac.