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PRP 2nd Generation

PRP Principles

A veritable revolution in medicine, 2nd generation PRP uses natural blood factors to bring about cellular rejuvenation.

A small quantity of the patient’s own blood is collected, from which elements are selected to activate undifferentiated tissue cells: the growth factors contained in platelets stimulate collagen synthesis and the production of new blood vessels.

Gentle centrifugation of the collected blood isolates a leuko-platelet concentrate and plasma. These elements are injected into the tissues to be stimulated.

Since it’s the patient’s own blood, it’s a natural treatment with no risk of rejection.

Practical information about Platelet Rich Plasma

The doctor or nurse takes 25 ml of blood from the patient, then centrifuges it for 3 minutes. A simple procedure using a sterile kit, with no risk of contamination, yields PRP, i.e. pure leuko-platelet concentrate mixed with plasma.

Depending on the indications and results sought, 2 to 6 sessions are scheduled, with 2 to 6 weeks between each.

No social eviction is necessary, and patients can resume their activities immediately.

The first beneficial effects are rapidly visible, and skin structure continues to improve over the following months.

2nd Generation PRP indications and effects

  • Face, neck, décolleté, hands: skin is rehydrated, softened and “smoothed”. Increased tone thanks to collagen production provides a “lifting effect”.
  • Dark circles: PRP2e generation fills in the “valley of tears”, those unsightly hollow circles.
  • Acne scars: the filling effect is obtained by combining PRP2e generation with the fractional CO2 laser or DERMAPEN (see these sections).
  • Scalp: hair becomes softer and silkier, and 2nd generation PRP stimulates regrowth.
  • Stretch marks: they regress thanks to the combination of 2nd generation PRP and Dermapen
  • Sexuality: stimulating the growth of blood vessels and nerve cells improves erections in men, and the appearance of labia majora and sexual function in women. PRP2e generation also enhances the results of intimate surgery.

Platelet-Enriched Plasma in Geneva

This technique, also known as “vampire lift”, has been widely publicized by the stars since their thirties. The PRP vampire lift provides an immediate radiance boost and facial rejuvenation. The skin is revitalized with a “healthy glow” effect, dark circles are reduced and wrinkles are smoothed out. The result is long-lasting cell regeneration.

For women as well as men. This treatment slows hair loss and stimulates regrowth. The active growth factors contained in the plasma stimulate the hair bulbs. It’s the most natural treatment for restoring good-quality hair, improving texture and reducing hair loss.

The patient’s blood, collected by a nurse, is centrifuged to retain only the plasma and platelets, which have regenerative properties. This PRP is then reinjected into the treatment area using a fine needle. There is no risk of allergy, as the PRP comes from the patient’s own blood. The number of sessions depends on the indication. Patients can resume their activities immediately after treatment.