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Dermopigmentation / Blading

Medical Dermo pigmentation

Dermopigmentation is a technique allowing the delicate implantation of micro-pigments in the surface layers of the dermis, using sterile needles, to beautify or correct certain parts of the face or body. Today, this technique allows very natural and ultra-realistic results.

The Clinique du Lac offers this technique for purely aesthetic purposes (eyebrows-lips) but also in the case of reconstruction of breast areolas, scars, stretch marks …

Our specialist is at your disposal to talk about it and offer you different techniques. All our dermopigmentation treatments are done under medical presence.

Course of a session

Our dermographer welcomes you and will take the time to discuss with you what you want to do, the different techniques available to you as well as the different colors that can be used.

For permanent makeup of the eyebrows or lips, it will take 2 to 3 hours and this can be done the same day. But in terms of restorative dermography (large scars, breast areolas, stretch marks), it will be necessary to come a second time to do the treatment.

For your comfort, all care is done after applying an anesthetic cream.

After course

During the two weeks following the treatment in order to prevent permanent makeup from fading more quickly, it is recommended not to remove the small pigmentary scabs that may form. A repairing cream will be applied for two weeks and the area should not be exposed to the sun.