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Your questions about cosmetic medicine

Hyaluronic acid:

Q: which product do you use?
A: Restylane by Q Med laboratories, which has proven its worth over the years.


Q: can I undergo microdermabrasion and photorejuvenation?
Microdermabration is often used as a complementary treatment, or even to specifically facilitate a photorejuvenation procedure. By eliminating cellular debris and smoothing the tissue layer, microdermabrasion can help to ensure that the penetration of light energy is more uniform.


Q: do I really need to prepare my skin beforehand?
the preparation of the skin with suitable creams is absolutely necessary for the safety and success of the treatment.

Botulinum toxin:

Q: is regular treatment necessary?
Every four to six months. Regularity is recommended to maintain the achieved results.

Varicosities and rosacea

Q: is the treatment covered by health insurance?
no, this is considered as cosmetic treatment. Only treatment for angioma is covered.

Laser hair removal:

Q: how lane sessions are required?
it can vary depending on the quantity of hair, the area in question, the texture and colour of the hair and the skin colour. You will get more answers during the initial interview.

Miscellaneous questions:

Q: is it possible to pay in instalments?
A: cosmetic medicine is not a commerce and the clinic is subjected to certain ethical codes and therefore cannot propose payment terms. If you have problems paying you should consult your bank.

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