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PRP treatments (Platelet Rich Plasma)

The “vampire lift”

This technique has had media coverage since it has been widely adopted by celebrities in their thirties. The PEP vampire lift produces an immediate regeneration effect making the face look younger. The skin is vitalised by a “healthy look” effect, circles around the eyes are softened, wrinkles filled. It achieves sustainable cellular regeneration.

Hair PRP

For women as well as men. This treatment slows hair-loss and stimulates regrowth. The growth factors present in plasma stimulate the hair bulbs. This is the most natural treatment for recovering the quality of your hair, improving its texture and reducing hair-loss.

The treatment

The patient’s blood is collected by a nurse and the centrifuged in order to keep just the plasma and platelets and their regenerating virtues. The PRP is then injected into the area to be treated using a very fine needle Since the PRP is taken from the patient’s own blood; there is no risk of allergic reaction. The number of sessions will depend on the type of condition. Immediately after the treatment, the patient will be able to return their usual activities.