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Photomodulation : LED

The principle of action

his treatment uses the light emitted by diodes to stimulate the skin without heating it.

Its indications and effects vary depending on the color, and therefore the wavelength of the light used.

It was the conquest of space that allowed the development of this method, NASA using LEDs to improve the healing of astronauts in weightlessness.

The sessions are short, completely painless, without side effects and do not lead to social exclusion.



Photomodulation can treat stretch marks, wrinkles, spots and redness of the skin, improve the complexion, stimulate hair regrowth. It is also used to promote wound healing, to treat acne and psoriasis, vitiligo or herpes.

Stretch marks :

Light therapy stimulates skin elasticity without damaging the skin.

The treatment is more effective on recent stretch marks, still red, which can almost be erased, but very clearly attenuates old white stretch marks.

From the second session the effects are obvious, but it takes 3 to 5 sessions to perpetuate the results.

Rejuvenation and radiance:

Often combined with microdermabrasion, peeling or fractional laser, light stimulates fibroblasts and causes skin rejuvenation (wrinkles, pores, spots, etc.).

Hair regrowth:

The cold, monochromatic light densifies and stimulates hair regrowth.

The hair follicles are stimulated by photons and the hair becomes thicker and more resistant.

After micrografts, regrowth is improved.


Blue light acts on excess sebum and inflammation and reduces acne activity.

Psoriasis, vitiligo, herpes:

LEDs stimulate cell metabolism by activating cell mitochondria.

Other beneficial effects:

Photomodulation improves healing after trauma or surgery, calms pain from sunburn and also has a de-stressing effect. For all requests or quotes, contact us and discover our aesthetic clinic in Geneva