The Clinique du Lac has complete expertise in cosmetic medicine and laser treatments, with cosmetic medicine qualified staff. A team of professionals at the service of your beauty and well-being, their ambition is to make specialised treatment more accessible to satisfy your desires, needs and budget.

Our medical college only provides highest quality, safe and effective treatment. We also have a technical centre with the latest technology in order to provide you with only the latest and most innovative treatment.

Re-modelling, wrinkles, cellulite, laser hair removal and treatment for all of the different types of skin problem, our Expert Doctors are there to listen to you and advise you with your cosmetic project.

Dr Max Renard

  • Medical Director
  • Plastic surgery
  • Active consultant, decision-maker on scientific, technological, ethical and human issues.

Dr Giovanna Massa Saluzzo

Aesthetic medicine :

Specialised in Peeling, anti-ageing injections, PRP treatments ( Vampire Lift or PRP for hair loss)…

  • Instruction in the Maxillofacial Department of Alexandria Civil Hospital.
  • Tutor on medicine esthetic at the Academy School of Practical Esthetic Medicine – Milan.
  • Aesthetic medicine, Università di Pavia.

Dr Juliette Delcroix

  • Cosmetic and nutritional medicine
  • Specialised in Peeling, anti-ageing injections, liposculpture, light-needle, tattoo removal, LED, laser, chrononutrition

Benédicte Cellier

Medico-esthetic manager of the Clinic.

State Registered Nurse.

University Diploma in Medical Lasers, Dermatology and Cosmetology

Marilène Daviet Avenel

Medico-Aesthetic Assistant

Marilène has 25 years of experience in Dermatology.

Expertise in peels and medical lasers.

Floramo Anna Maria

Specialist in REPAIRING, MEDICAL and AESTHETIC dermopigmentation,

Anna Maria can offer you techniques for aesthetic purposes such as semi-permanent eyebrow-effect eyebrow makeup, or even 3D filling of your lips!

It can also offer you remedial techniques: – Brightening of dark circles – Reconstruction, correction or coloring of breast areolas – Concealment of scars, stretch marks, vitiligo…

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!