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Treatment of fatty deposits by laser

Laser treatment by hyperthermia

Laser treatment by hyperthermia

The Sculpsure laser uses controlled energy technology making it ideal for patients who wish to rapidly eliminate fatty tissue.

The Sculpsure Laser in brief:
  • the world’s first non-abrasive hyperthermal laser
  • eliminates up to 24% of fat for the treated volume
  • requires 25 minute sessions only
  • can be used for an OVERALL treatment of the figure
  • FDA certification for the following body areas: abdomen, sides, back, thigh interior and exterior and under the chin.
  • controlled temperature
  • suited for all morphologies and skin types

SculpSure Laser benefits

  • personalised treatment
  • pain-free treatment
  • no aspiration
  • tensor effect
  • TDA certification (If a laser bears the FDA stamp, this means that it has been authorised for use after numerous tests and evaluations for safety and effectiveness. Your treatment is thus guaranteed).

For all enquiries concerning the SculpSure laser, please get in touch with our team of cosmetic treatment experts, we will be happy to help you.

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