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Electric hair removal or electrolysis

The final principle of electric hair removal is the destruction of hair in the growth phase, whatever their pigmentation. It is based on the insertion of a filament into the hair follicle. The current will then destroy the follicle. All that remains is to remove the hair using pliers. This technique is done hair by hair.

As with the laser, the treatment will have to be repeated several times in order to destroy the hairs in the anagen phase. This hair removal technique is final.

However, new hairs may appear during life under the influence of hormones or drugs, alterations are then possible.

Indications of electric hair removal:

  • Hair inaccessible to the laser (red, white, gray or too fine hair, etc.).
  • Laser contraindicated areas (neck, cheeks, etc.)
  • Finalization of a laser treatment
  • Correction of paradoxical hyperpilosity

Redness secondary to this technique lasts from 48 hours to 8 days depending on the areas treated. The solar eviction will be 8 to 10 days after treatment.