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Discover our tailor-made offers in cosmetic surgery your stay in surgery

Your stay in surgery


The Clinique du Lac offers you personalised care, absolute discretion and quality monitoring in a facility with a human dimension.

The nursing staff, who are specially trained to listen to and support patients, welcomes you to a sober, modern world and makes every effort to ensure that your stay is as comfortable as possible.

The Clinique du Lac places particular emphasis on standards and safety principles. Each procedure is performed in daily compliance with a strict charter. All the qualified doctors at the Clinique du Lac are specialists in Reconstructive and Cosmetic Plastic Surgery


A privileged setting for your clinic

Located in some of the beautiful Alpine scenery, in a harmonious blend of water and forest, the Clinique du Lac provides an atmosphere of calm essential for the procedure to be practised on the patient.

The clinic for surgery, medicine and aesthetic care is located in Brison Saint Innocent, a community famous for its microclimate favouring the growth of Mediterranean species, adjacent to the spa town of Aix les Bains, a haven of peace between the lake and the purity of the Alps, in a balanced, natural setting.

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