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Radiofrequency : Cristal Skin

Radiofrequency - Cristal Skin

Radiofrequency is a technology used in aesthetic medicine for skin rejuvenation and tissue tightening. It uses electromagnetic waves to deeply heat the skin’s layers, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, resulting in improved skin texture and a firming effect.

The latest generation of radiofrequency. CRISTAL Skin is the very latest multipolar radiofrequency system that does away with the drawbacks of “traditional” radiofrequency, namely that it is non-invasive and non-ablative.

CRISTAL Skin offers greater treatment safety, especially on fragile facial areas. The treatment is painless and comfortable for the patient, with no need for social eviction. Thermal diffusion is precise on the surface, maximizing results.

An ultra-versatile face & body treatment

A complete range of applicators
The CRISTAL Skin device is made up of three different-sized handpieces for optimized results depending on the area being treated.

2 different frequencies for in-depth treatment
The application of electromagnetic waves to the skin will generate heating in the tissues at different depth levels to treat all skin types. However, radiofrequency penetrates the skin and heats it deeply without overheating the epidermis, so there’s no burning or pain.

Fast, precise & even heating
A target temperature of 42°C can be reached in less than 2 minutes. Controlled energy is delivered by 3 to 6 electrodes, targeting the treated area precisely. CRISTAL Skin technology makes it possible to manage the energy delivered by constantly varying the polarity. RF current flows are in fact maximized by constant changes in polarity of the electrodes in relation to each other, resulting in denser and more homogeneous RF energy transfer to the treated area to ensure optimum temperature throughout the treatment.

Ergonomic applicators for maximum efficiency
The rounded design of the applicators has been conceived to activate lymphatic drainage through a mechanical massage action. The synergy of action with radiofrequency maximizes results.