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What is a peel?

The principle:

This is the application of a chemical to the skin of the face to treat aging.

While deeply stimulating the fibers of elastin and collagen, peels can remove fine lines and wilting, decrease the depth of wrinkles and erase spots.

They act on the quality of the skin and its firmness.

They homogenize the surface and color and generate the appearance of healthy skin.

These are effective treatments provided you choose the right peel.

In practice

The session takes place in several stages and can last 15 to 30 minutes.

For optimal results, 4 to 5 sessions are recommended 15 days apart.

Depending on the peel recommended by your practitioner, you will be given a list of cosmetics to use at home, according to a specific protocol, in order to prepare your skin.

During the sessions, you may experience some slight discomfort such as a sunburn, or diffuse redness disappearing within 2 hours.

On the days following the operation, a slight peeling may occur. It will be of no consequence, provided that the skin lint naturally.

There are contraindications such as allergic reactions to certain components, pregnancy, tanned skin, cosmetic procedures (laser, micro-dermabrasion).

The absolute condition for the realization of the sessions is solar eviction for the duration of the treatment and the following month.


The different indications for peels:


Peeling stimulates cell renewal and improves:

  • Skin aging (wrinkles & fine lines),

  • Skin tone and elasticity,

  • Moderate acne and superficial scars,

  • Diffuse pigment irregularities,

  • Lentigines,

  • Actinic, seborrheic or hair keratoses

  • The folliculitis pseudos of the beard.

  • A skin preparation, 15 days before the act is necessary.

Peelings can be contraindicated in certain cases, which will be determined during the consultation with the doctor.