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Practical information on neck and face lift

  • TYPE : re-tensioning of the skin and facial muscles
  • ANESTHESIA : neuroleptanalgesia
  • STAY : 24 hour outpatient

THE ADVANTAGES : It treats the entire lower part of the face, the oval and the neck, the scars being hidden in the ear and hair.


Praticiens Clinique du Lac

What you need to know about the neck and face lift (cervico-facial lift)

It is the natural repositioning of the muscles and the adaptation of the skin to the face and neck.

The cervico-facial lifting is most often performed to surgically correct aging from the temple region to the jowl region.

The objective of such an intervention is not to modify the shape and appearance of the face. On the contrary, the simple restoration of the different anatomical structures of the face and the neck (skin, muscle, fat) allows the patient to regain the appearance that was his a few years ago.


The operation aims to treat sagging and sagging skin and facial muscles (temples and eyebrows, cheeks, jowls, oval of the face) and neck.


The facelift has long been the subject of procedures well known in the medical world. It is always a question of correcting the aging of the face and the neck.

The cervico-facial lifting concerns the neck, cheeks and temples and aims to correct the effects of aging.

Please note that health insurance does not cover these procedures.


This is to counter sagging skin and facial muscles (oval of the face, bumps, cheeks, eyebrows and temples) as well as the neck.

It is not a question of modifying the appearance of the face, but of restoring the structures of the face and the neck (fat, muscles, skin). The patient can hope to regain their former appearance.


The slackening of the muscles is corrected (re-tensioning), the skin then being adapted, without excess, to the new curves. Thanks to this double action, the result appears natural (the skin is not “pulled”) and durable (the muscular plane is solid. Generally, the postoperative operations are simple because the skin is little traumatized (tension and detachment limited). Liposuction can treat possible fatty overloads.

Symmetrically, an emaciated face can be corrected by reinjecting fat from another part of the body.

We are then witnessing a real restructuring of the face and neck.

This procedure does not affect expression lines, crow’s feet, or perioral wrinkles.

Incidentally, deep wrinkles are made less marked by the tension exerted on the skin. But it never completely disappears.

Likewise, the eyelids are not affected.

The incisions are mostly hidden in the hair (temples and neck) and around the ear, making the scars practically invisible.

This intervention is generally requested after quarantine, that is to say at the first signs of aging.

It can be performed simultaneously with cosmetic surgery of the eyelids (blepharoplasty), correction of sagging and forehead wrinkles (forehead lift). Certain therapeutics can also act in addition (injection of filling product – hyaluronic acid type, laser, dermabrasion, injection of botulinum toxin, peeling, etc.).


Le praticien élaborera un bilan pré-opératoire. Deux jours avant l’opération (au plus tard), une consultation a lieu avec le médecin anesthésiste. Il conviendra d’arrêter de fumer et de stopper toute prise d’aspirine, quelle que soit la forme, dix jours avant l’opération. Les cheveux seront lavés le jour précédant l’opération et toute trace de maquillage sera enlevée. Dans les six heures précédant l’opération, le patient observera un jeûne total (ni nourriture, ni boisson).



The surgeon has two options for performing a cervico-facial lift; general anesthesia or “deep” local anesthesia called vigilant anesthesia (tranquilizers injected intravenously.

The decision is made following a discussion between the patient (s), the anesthesiologist and the surgeon.


This operation is done on an outpatient basis. The patient enters the morning and leaves at the end of the day. Possibility to stay overnight if the patient wishes.

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