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Sebaceous cysts

Sebasceous Cysts

Very common, the sebaceous cyst is completely benign. However, it can be bothersome, become infected, and may need to be removed. Sebaceous cysts are the most common skin cysts. Formed in the sebaceous glands and caused by the accumulation of sebum under the skin, the oily substance that protects the epidermis, a sebaceous cyst looks like a small hard bump the color of the skin, sometimes slightly yellow or white. It measures from a few millimeters to 2 cm for the larger ones and consists of two elements: the cyst wall and its content, a liquid mainly composed of sebum and keratin. The sebaceous cyst can be found anywhere on the body but mainly where the sebaceous glands are most numerous: the neck, groin, upper back, chest, and scalp. Sebaceous cysts affect men more often than women because of their thicker skin.

In some cases, when the sebaceous cyst is unsightly or if it is poorly located and subject to friction or if it is painful, it may be decided to remove it. Surgical excision involves making a small incision in the skin through which the cyst’s pouch containing the sebum will be emptied and completely removed. The risk of the cyst reappearing is possible but relatively low, especially if the cyst wall has been entirely removed.

The Clinique du Lac can offer you this surgical excision. First, you must meet with the cosmetic surgeon for an initial consultation, and then the procedure can be scheduled. This procedure lasts between 30 and 45 minutes and does not require general anesthesia or time off work.