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Often taboo, the sexual parts of our bodies can necessitate plastic surgery interventions. It is for men
(penoplasty, pubis liposuction…) and women (hymenoplasty, surgery of genital lips, increase of G
point…). Our specialists at Clinique du Lac guide you.
Qu'est-ce que la chirurgie intime ?
The intimal anatomy of women and men is an extreme personal topic that can create complexes,
difficulties in love relationships or even a physical discomfort. The intimate plastic surgery can
remodel the genital organs to make them look like what you desire in harmony with the patient’s
What are the different interventions at Clinique du Lac when it comes to intimate plastic surgery?
 Intimate surgery for women
o Labioplasty

Also called nymphoplasty, the reduction labioplasty is the plqstic surgery intervention that reduces
the size of the small lips that can be hypertrophic or dangling. The indication can be aesthetic or
functional (painful frictions).
o Hymenoplasty

This intimate surgical operation reconstructs the hymen integrally to retrieve the same anatomy than
when a virgin.

o Pubis Liposuction

Like any other body parts, the pubis can concentrate an excess of fat. The liposuction of the
pubis (Mons Veneris) removes the fat excess that can be a complex.

 Intimate surgery for men

The penoplasty or enlarging phalloplasty modifies the length or thickness of the penis, in other
words increase the size of the sex. The penis surgery is a way for men with complexes about the
appearance of their penis to retrieve their self-confidence. The intervention can act on the
length of the verge or its diameter, or both. It is possible to correct the curve of the penis
during these kind of intimate surgeries for men.
The intimate surgery for me can also be indicated during sexual accidents, for example a fracture of
the penis or the rupture of the frenulum.
Our plastic surgeons at Clinique du Lac, specialized in intimate surgeries, are here to answer your
questions and consider the appropriate surgery.