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Whether it is caused by aging or being overweight, gravity has persistent effects on some body parts.
Your arms that you find flabby and creased embarrass you? You think you have “bat” arms? You
dream of sculpted arms? The plastic surgery of arms, especially arm lifting, can help you retrieve the
desired appearance and regain your self-confidence.

  • What is the surgery of the arms?

Despite a healthy diet and targeted workouts, some people regret that the skin of their arms loosen
up. This is what we call cutaneous ptosis. In most cases, it is caused by aging or weightloss
(overweight or pregnancies). It is interesting to observe that genetics can also be a reason. The arm
surgery aims at correcting the aesthetic aspect of this loosening. This intervention is suggested when
a severe cutaneous loosening or adipose infiltration happen.

To correct the flabby and creased aspects of the skin, the arm lifting, also known as “brachioplasty”,
is often prescribed. The surgery, done under a general anesthesia during an ambulatory
hospitalization, lasts approximately 1h30min. It removes the excess of the skin of the internal face of
the arm and “re-drape” it.

For some patients, it is necessary to add a liposuction to the arm lifting to remove the fat excess.
Nowadays, there are different techniques. The surgeon will select the most adapted depending on
the excess of skin to remove. As opposed to what we may think, you can barely see the scar. You
cannot even see it when the person is in front of you with bare arms. It is important to know that it
takes a few months to a year before you can fully enjoy the visual aspect of the scar.
You are thinking about arm surgery? Contact Clinique du Lac to make an appointment with one of
our experts.

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