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I Beauty gun

The IBeauty Gun is a face and body treatment system that uses the modern, needle-less and painless exogenous mesotherapy technique. It can be used to inject cosmetic and anti-ageing treatment products directly into the cells thanks to an iontophoresis principle which does not damage the cutaneous barrier.

Iontophoresis involves the production of an electrical current that allows products to be injected deep under the skin. In thus way the action of the serums used is increased such that they can have full effect and dispersion into the epidermis is facilitated.

This system can be used for anti-ageing treatment to the face (wrinkles, fine lines, loose skin), the body (cellulite, stretch-marks, loose skin) or the scalp (anti-hair-loss).

It is the ideal treatment method for people who are afraid of needles.

Under certain conditions this treatment should not be used: pacemaker, epilepsy, pregnancy, arterial circulation disorders, lesions, open wounds.

The doctor may propose the treatment as a cure involving one session per week for a number of weeks to optimise the results.

Sessions last around half an hour.